Willamette Workforce Partnership is the Workforce Development Board serving Linn, Marion, Polk and Yamhill Counties. We are a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization governed by a board of directors. Our funding is primarily federal and state with other grant funds for specific projects.

Our organization plays a key role in the economic development of our region. The Workforce Development Board brings together a myriad of employment, training, and educational services which comprise a comprehensive system that supports the development of the area’s workforce.

Willamette Workforce Partnership leads local workforce development by identifying local labor market needs/trends/priorities and working with the community to address these issues. We do this by developing policy and overseeing the workforce fund investments allocated to Linn, Marion, Polk and Yamhill Counties. We work to coordinate workforce development strategies and efforts to create strong employer linkages and promote community collaboration through the WorkSource delivery system. This optimizes strong partner relationships, supports efficient resource sharing and networking, and provides local residents with services that help them succeed.

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Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA)

WIOA promotes and requires strong partnerships and strategies for the workforce development system and one-stop centers. Funding requirements include providing job seekers and workers with high-quality career services, education and training, and supportive services they need to get good jobs and stay employed. The system helps businesses find skilled workers and access other supports, including education and training for their current workforce.

WIOA empowers State and Local elected officials and private sector-led workforce boards with the responsibility of developing a strategic, integrated plan that supports economic growth and labor force needs intended to grow the capacity and performance of the workforce system.

Local Workforce Development Boards

The primary framework behind the Willamette Workforce Partnership Board is to serve as the community leader and catalyst for alignment of workforce with economic development. The Board provides policy guidance that builds an environment where every person maximizes his or her career potential, and all employers and businesses have the human resources they need to grow and prosper.

Our Vision

The Willamette Valley has a vibrant economy and prosperous communities through a dynamic, engaged and innovative workforce.

Our Mission

Through collaboration, training and outreach, Willamette Workforce Partnership efficiently drives results that lead to a skilled workforce, successful employers and thriving communities.

The Workforce Board

Our board of director membership composition includes over fifty percent representatives from the private sector, with the remaining members representing educational entities, labor organizations, community-based organizations, economic development agencies, and other federally required one-stop partners. All board members are appointed by the Jobs Council which is comprised of two county commissioners from each of the four counties we serve.

Our Staff

Kim Parker-Llerenas

Executive Director

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Dean Craig

Business Services Director

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WillametteWorkforce employee wearing a black turtle neck smiling

Suzie Gibson

Business Engagement Manager

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WillametteWorkforce employee wearing a blue shirt and black blazer smiling

Amy Harrison

Finance Director

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Trina Horsey

Office Coordinator

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Ami Maceira

Program Director

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Kathy Moore

Youth Development Director

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Veronica Rosas

Program Manager

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Jenny Ma

Program Coordinator

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Pam Ferrara

Columnist & Special Projects

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Contractors and Contributors

Nimbl Inc.

Georgia Conrad

[email protected]

Mid-Valley Behavioral Health Consortium

Jeanine Stice

[email protected]

Front Line Evaluators

Susan Barksdale

[email protected]


Gary Mueller

[email protected]

Board of Directors

Frances Alvarado

Erik Andersson

Frank Bermudez

Ann Buchele

Patricia Callihan-Bowman

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Richard Contreras

Katie Curry

Alvin Elbert

Aaron Ensign (Secretary/Treasurer)

Melody Garcia (Chair)

Luke Glaze

Ron Gutierrez

Heather Howard

Jessica Howard

Drew Lindsey

Rhonda Meidinger

Shane Nehls

Carrie Norris


John Pascone

Ricque Smith

Angie Villery

Mid-Willamette Jobs Council

Craig Pope

Polk County

Jobs Council Chair

Chief Local Elected Official

Board of Commissioners

Kit Johnston

Yamhill County
Jobs Council Vice Chair
Board of Commissioners

Will Tucker

Linn County

Board of Commissioners

Sherrie Sprenger

Linn County

Board of Commissioners

Danielle Bethell

Marion County

Board of Commissioners

Colm Willis

Marion County

Board of Commissioners

Lyle Mordhorst

Polk County

Board of Commissioners

Lindsey Berschauer

Yamhill County

Board of Commissioners