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Role of the Workforce Development Board as defined in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)

13 Key Functions:

• Provide program oversight including selection of one-stop operators and service providers

• Develop strategies for technology use that maximizes effectiveness and accessibility

• Certify WorkSource Centers including assessing the physical and programmatic accessibility

• Negotiate and execute memoranda of understanding and cost-sharing agreements with workforce system partners

• Lead efforts to engage employers

• Identify and promote proven and promising practices in workforce development

• Provide analysis of regional labor market conditions

• Coordinate services with education and training partners

• Convene, broker and leverage efforts with local workforce stakeholders

• Lead efforts to develop and implement career pathways

• Develop a local plan in accordance with Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act requirements

• Negotiate local performance accountability with state and federal funders

• Develop and manage the Workforce Development Board including budget and administration


This report captures the core of the work of Willamette Workforce Partnership; identify workforce and industry needs, trends and demands, and convene diverse groups of community members to resolve challenges. The charge of our organization is broad. It includes serving job seekers through the WorkSource system and bringing public and private partners together for conversations about how to meet industry needs. At the core, our job is to add value to the community so that companies have the tools they need to thrive, and individuals have jobs that support themselves and their families.