RETHINKING is a suite of programs aimed at building confidence, motivation, and accountability leading to rapid employment. The three RETHINKING programs teach cognitive-behavioral and/or work-ready skills designed to develop healthy thinking and employer-demanded skills.

In 2012 Willamette Workforce Partnership (WWP) recognized the need for an intervention that would reduce the socioemotional consequences of unemployment. Workforce centers in the US historically have been ill-prepared to meet this need and in fact, there are few examples of using cognitive-behavioral (CB) techniques in US workforce settings. Through research, we determined that countries such as the UK, Australia, and Finland used CB interventions with the unemployed with great success. Thus, the RETHINKING idea was born!

Hear the Successes!

What’s Next for Rethinking?

The successful Rethinking Job Search project has since morphed into Rethinking Careers, Rethinking Barriers, and has been tailored for specialized populations for re-entry projects, people experiencing disabilities, and translated for Spanish-only speakers.