All in a Day’s Work – A Conversation about the Joys of Work

Dean Craig, Producer, Host and Editor of All in Day’s Work Podcasts

After many years of hearing from workers about how they were frustrated and dissatisfied with their jobs, and often showed up only for the paycheck, Dean Craig, Willamette Workforce Partnership’s (WWP’s) Director of Business Services, decided to look at the flip side of why employees thrive in their jobs. Three years ago, as part of his inquiry, he came up with the idea of, as Dean puts it, “creating a podcast aimed at inspiring workers to get more enjoyment from their jobs or consider looking for alternative employment.”

The All in Day’s Work Podcast is a series of interviews that explores why the individuals love their jobs. To date, 15 episodes have been developed as part of Season 1, and two for Season 2. Many of the podcast guests came to their jobs through non-traditional career paths often following their passions.

Although interviewees represent many different occupations, common themes emerge that sustain the day-to-day work they perform. For example, several interviewees had to struggle through adversity to find themselves, their confidence, motivation, and love for work. A sense of resilience and positivity weave through the interviews as well as a “buck stops here” attitude for being responsible and accountable for themselves and their success. The love of learning and the desire to serve others is a common denominator.  Dean has interviewed business owners, social service and non-profit workers and managers, as well as educators, truck drivers, firefighters, construction superintendents, chamber of commerce CEOs, human resource professionals, and an adventure camp manager.

The response to All in a Day’s Work has been phenomenal. Hundreds of people are listening from Seattle to San Francisco and across Oregon. The podcasts are available on Willamette Workforce Partnership’s website, and on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and other podcast platforms.

As he moves into Season 2 of All in a Day’s Work, Dean said “his confidence as a podcaster is increasing and so are his technical skills.” He produces, hosts, and edits every episode which is no small feat. His natural and engaging interview style and his radio announcer voice make for interesting and informative listening. We at WWP are fortunate that Dean remains in the workforce development field and hasn’t left for a career in broadcasting!

Congratulations to Dean and to all those who are featured in the podcasts!