Metal Tech 4×4 – Much More than a Manufacturing Company

Mark Hawley, owner of Metal Tech 4×4 located in Newberg, Oregon, learned about Willamette Workforce Partnership’s (WWP’s) High-Performance Consortium from Suzie Gibson, WWP’s Business Engagement Manager, and joined in January 2023. One of the benefits of membership was learning about the Incumbent Worker Training grants sponsored by WWP. Metal Tech 4X4 applied in February and received a grant for Programming Robotic Welding training in March 2023.

A hobby that Mark Hawley started in his garage as a teenager has grown into a thriving business. When he was 16, he bought a beat-up 1965 Land Cruiser “because I thought it would attract girls.” In 1999 Mark, who at that time was in his late 20s, showed pictures of his cages on the internet and subsequently sold his first product. He then moved out of his garage and began his business. The company designs, engineers, and builds high-quality off-road products for Toyota and Lexus 4X4 off-road vehicles, and the new Ford Bronco. The company has seven employees who share Mark’s passion for manufacturing and off-roading.

Today, Metal Tech 4×4 is located in an 8,500-square-foot building the company purchased in January of 2022. They also lease another 5,000-square-foot building next door. According to Mark, “Metal Tech put a huge stake in the ground when it bought the building and is committed to manufacturing in Oregon. Ninety-five percent of our product sales come from outside of Oregon, including 40 foreign countries, and ninety-seven percent of our manufacturing costs are spent in Oregon!”

Mark Hawley

Mark believes that Metal Tech 4X4’s strength is its employees and he said “Investing in them with full benefits and opportunities for growth and development. Our general manager, Ryan Berg, is our people developer who is dedicated to this mission.”

The company also believes in investing in the community and welcomes students from local high schools to tour the operation and gain exposure to the world of work. For many years, Metal Tech 4X4 has filled its janitorial job with candidates from MV Advancements, an organization that empowers and supports adults who experience disabilities.

Mark presented to WWP’s board on May 18, 2023, about how the funding from the Incumbent Worker Training grant helped his business thrive. Mark shared, “Training in robotic welding was the answer to Metal Tech 4X4 not finding welders and will allow us to fill in for a skilled labor shortage that in turn creates new jobs.” He expressed his thanks for the funding and the opportunity to meet and learn from his involvement in the High-Performance Consortium.

WWP wishes Mark and Metal Tech 4X4 continued success!