We’ve just been through the greatest disruption to the workforce since World War II.

  • ECONorthwest, 2022 Oregon Talent Assessment

Is this a Recovery?


The mid-valley is still below its February 2020 employment level by a bit

less than a third of a percent (Linn County is nearly two percent above!)

Leisure and Hospitality industry is nearly twelve percent behind its

pre-pandemic level (again,  Linn County is four percent ahead!)

Employers will need to consider

  • Higher wages

  • More family-friendly workplace policies

  • Support of immigration reform


  • This labor market benefits those who have had a harder time becoming employed in the past.

  • Those not participating in the workforce and not looking for a job don’t participate for a variety of reasons.

What about inflation, and will there be a recession?

Inflation hasn’t slowed much over the last few months – food, energy,

and transportation – related items and services have had

double -digit percentage  increases over the last year.

According to the Oregon office  of Economic Analysis,

if recession comes, it will be later in 2023.