Career Centers

America’s Job Centers, known as WorkSource Oregon locally, offer job search and career development resources to all jobseekers ages 16+ regardless of income or background – at no cost. WorkSource Oregon is comprised of multiple agencies and organizations. While each of these entities may have its own missions, visions, and values, the mission, vision, and values of WorkSource Oregon have been developed to speak on behalf of the broader workforce system.

Mission: To effectively respond to workforce challenges through high-quality services to individuals and businesses, resulting in job attainment, retention, and advancement.

Vision: Communities where the employment needs of job seekers and businesses are met by solutions delivered effectively through engaged workforce system partners.

WorkSource Oregon Values


We value others and ourselves as unique individuals and celebrate both our commonalities and differences. We promote open communication, ongoing collaboration and the free exchange of ideas. We honor diversity, exhibit fairness, and strive for equity and excellence for all


We value social responsibility and hold ourselves accountable for the efficient and effective use of the human, physical and fiscal resources entrusted to


We continually pursue excellence by being creative, aspirational, and high- achieving professionals, committed to our communities and team. Our staff is our greatest resource and our customers’ success is the essence of our


We are a system of effective teams that emphasize high levels of trust, cooperation, and a commitment to excellent communication. We encourage and empower employees to exercise independent judgment in meeting customer needs through professional, values-based behavior.


We value mutual respect, honor the dignity of each individual and foster a civil and ethical environment. We demonstrate the highest standards of personal integrity and honesty in our public activities to inspire confidence and


We foster an environment of continuous improvement and high performance, utilizing the most current tools and technology to ensure we remain relevant to the communities we serve.

WorkSource Centers

Interested in seeing our Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL)?It can be found here.

The One Stop Operator for Willamette Workforce Partnership is the Partnership of Workforce Initiatives (PWI), a cooperation of Hightower Workforce Initiatives LLC, Strumpf Associates: Center for Strategic Change, and HEXIS Ventures. PWI coordinates the service delivery of participating one-stop partners and service delivery providers in addition to ensuring the Career Centers meet credentialing requirements.