Willamette Workforce Partnership (WWP) recently contracted with Jeanine Stice to provide professional services to develop and manage the Mid-Willamette Behavioral Health Consortium and other healthcare efforts within the Mid-Willamette Valley. Funding for this work comes to WWP through the State of Oregon’s HOWTO Grant (Healthy Oregon Workforce Training Opportunity).

The Oregon Health Policy Board in partnership with Oregon Health & Sciences

University is administering this grant.

Jeanine’s behavioral health experience is deep and includes advising on healthcare and behavioral health policy as a senior policy advisor to the State of Oregon Legislature for three sessions from February 2018 –December 2020. She also directed health promotion and community

engagement for Oregon Health Plan members to increase access and engagement in evidence-based chronic disease programs. She has actively consulted in healthcare settings in the Salem area since 2003.

She was born and raised in Shelton, Washington, and after graduating high school, attended Washington State University where she attained a BS in Food Science and Human Nutrition. As part of her studies, Jeanine interned at Massachusetts General Hospital, in Boston, MA. She then

earned a Master’s degree in Public Health from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Jeanine lives in Salem with her husband and has three grown sons. In her spare time, Jeanine likes to run, bike, hike, and play golf with her husband. She loves dogs, and in particular Pugs, and has had two, Hans and Roxy. Boomer, a small terrier mix with a big bark and a bowtie collar, is

now part of the family.

She is super excited about her work with WWP and has hit the ground running. In the last month, she has met with several members of the behavioral health community and has meetings scheduled with many others. She already has commitments to sign Memos of Understanding for

participation in the Mid-Willamette Behavioral Health Consortium.

Please join WWP in welcoming Jeanine to her new role!

You can reach her at [email protected].