Polk & Linn Counties

Community Services Consortium

Community Services Consortium (CSC)

CSC is the Willamette Workforce Partnership’s contractor providing youth services in Linn and Polk County.

Since 1980, CSC has been part of a state and national network helping people and communities to thrive. We offer a number of services in Linn, Benton, and Lincoln counties. These services focus on essential day-to-day survival, such as food and housing, as well as developing new skills that lead to independence through education, training, and work. Whether you need help keeping the heat on today or want help planning for your career of tomorrow, CSC is here to help.

We believe that every family should have access to a stable home, nutritious food, quality education and training, and a job that pays a living wage. We also realize these things can be hard to get without some help along the way. CSC is your place to start. We want to work with you, as a partner, to achieve your goal of a better life for you and your family.  In all that we do, CSC provides help for today and skills for tomorrow.

Marion County

United Way
ELY Empowerment and Leadership for Youth and Youth Adults

United Way of the Mid-Willamette Valley strives to go beyond temporary fixes to create lasting change in Marion, Polk, and Yamhill Counties. By bringing people and organizations together around innovative solutions, we impact thousands of lives every year. The generosity of our donors and commitment of our community partners enables us to provide grants for outcome based programs and collaborative projects that address core needs and achieve lasting, measurable results.

Empowerment and Leadership for Young Adults (ELY)

The Empowerment and Leadership for Youth and Young Adults Program (ELY) is a FREE job skills training program for out-of-school youth ages 16 to 24 in Marion County. ELY specializes in providing the job readiness training, basic skills training, job search assistance and career exploration assistance that young adults need to successfully interview for a job, secure and retain employment and develop their career or education path. ELY prepares youth to fill jobs in the local workforce and become self-sufficient.

Yamhill County

Chehalem Youth & Family Services
Youth Opportunity Occupations Program (YOOP)

Youth Opportunity Occupations Program (YOOP)

We assist youth in reaching their goals and dreams. For many, that means finishing their education and preparing to enter the workforce, college, or other training programs. For most, that includes having a license and a car, a place to live, a job, and truly have an opportunity to achieve their envisioned future. Every youth participant at Yoop! has an individual plan where they set their own goals and path to success. To help our participants overcome their barriers to education and employment, Yoop! provides these services (and many more!).