Question: Can you reimburse wages paid to the employee, while training?

Answer: No we cannot reimburse wages, although wages can be used as part of the employers “in-kind” match


Question: Can we include the cost of software in our request?

Answer: No we cannot reimburse for software to be used by the company. We can reimburse for the cost of training employees on the use of the software. The cost of software can be used in the “in Kind” match


Question: Confirm the grant dollars can be used for multiple trainings?

Answer: Yes, grant dollars can be used for multiple trainings.


Question: On in-house trainings (current management cross-training staff), can all wages be allocated to the matched portion of the budget?

Answer: Wages can be allocated for all involved in training, including management, as long as it is the training we have approved.


Question: On new equipment or even old, how do we calculate usage dollars for the match?

Answer: Use your best interpretation of how much it costs to run a piece of equipment by the hour x hours


Question: Do we use OPE for wage matching or wages only?

Answer: OPE Wages


Question: We are in need of training videos that are tutorials to our customers on how to assemble and use our products. Can grant dollars be used for the videographer?

Answer: No, this is not a benefit to incumbent workers, so it is not allowed