Questions submitted through [email protected] will be published as received. WWP will respond from the perspective that questions submitted are referring to the items contained within the scope of the request for proposals document. Questions received after the RFP has been published and before the close of business, Friday, February 22nd at 2:00  will be responded to within three business days by posting the questions and answers here.


1.) How many employees are in the Organization’s fiscal staff?

2.) Have there been any significant changes in fiscal employees since the prior audit?

3.) How many audit adjustments were there in the prior year audit?

4.) Was there a letter from the audit firm to the management and board of Directors with internal control related suggestions? If so, how many suggestions were made?


1.)  2

2.)  No

3.)  1

4.)  No suggestions were made in the Management Letter

5.) Historically, how many days was the audit engagement team in the field?

6.) Approximately how many total grants and contracts does the organization have?

5.)  4

6.) 5-8

7.) You are not requiring that the Pricing information as set forth in Section VI.C. be submitted in a separate sealed document, correct?

7.)  Correct

8.) Why is the audit out to bid, and is the 2018 auditor included in the bidding process?

9.) How many firms were notified of the RFP, and how were they selected?

8.) We are required by the state agency that oversees our funding to procure audit services every five years, our current audit firm is eligible to submit a proposal.

9.) Notifications were made by several methods, so the actual number of firms who were notified is not known. Any individual selections were based on the firms who have performed audits for other Oregon Workforce Boards and firms indicating via publically available information that they engage in the type of audit we require.

10.) What were the fees for the 2018 audit and tax services?

10.) In the interest of receiving everyone’s best proposal, we have chosen not to provide that information.

11.) What caused the 2017 data collection form to be filed late?

11.) Current fiscal staff was not involved in that audit. Those responsible are no longer with the organization.