Questions submitted through the online platform will be published as received. WWP will respond from the perspective that questions submitted are referring to the items contained within the scope of the request for proposals document. Questions received after the RFP has been published and before the close of business, Thursday, February 14th at 4:00 will be responded to within three business days by posting the questions and answers here.


1. Can you apply for the youth program to serve a specific county or do you have to apply to serve all counties in the region?  Please clarify?


1. Applicants can apply for a specific county, multiple counties, or all counties in the region. In addition, applicants can apply to serve Adult and Youth programming in one or more counties or to serve all counties in the region. Applicants can identify the desired region on page 5 in the Forms section (Appendix 2) of the RFP.

2. What are the minimum and maximum amount to request for Oregon’s Willamette Workforce Region Youth and Adult/Dislocated Worker Services grant which has a total of $3.15 million available?

 2. Applicants should determine the amount necessary to perform the functions described in the RFP and submit a proposal based from that determination. The maximum amounts available for a request are as follows:

-Adult/Dislocated Worker -$1.75 million

-Youth Services – $1.4 million

This information is found under Part I: General Information, Section B: Funding Available under WIOA (page 2).

3. If a new organization is awarded a contract, will current participants for the target area be transferred or “rolled over” to the new organization for services?

 3. WIOA participants are given the option of transferring to the new organization for continuous WIOA services.

4. Would it be acceptable for the contractor to negotiate with the Employment Department for facility space at the WSO Centers across the region for the purpose of provisioning WIOA Youth Services upon receiving notification of intention to award in April?  Does this approach meet the RFP requirement of prospective contractors providing a physical facility?

 4. WWP does not allow for program providers to directly lease or sublease space in the WorkSource Centers. Youth programs are not co-located in the centers and are expected to provide a space for the program that is outside of the WorkSource Centers.

5. We have found that it is easier to market youth work experiences to employers if the youth are placed on our payroll and workers comp for the protection of the employer, our agency and the youth.  It is mentioned that the 10% de minis apply to Personnel and Operating Expenses which is consistent with the Modified Total Direct Costs approach where direct participant costs are excluded, i.e. Training and Support Services

Please clarify that if we run WIOA youth clients through our payroll as temporary employees for work experiences that the payroll expense associated with this client service can legitimately have associated indirect costs that are reimbursable under this contract.

 5. The payroll expense for paying Youth during their Work Experience does have associated indirect and may be included in the de minimis calculation.

6. Do you require or prefer program staff to be 100% full-time?

 6. Awarded programs are responsible for determining staffing levels necessary to fulfill contract and performance requirements.

7. Would it be acceptable to abbreviate question #1 for the youth services RFP, the two-part question? Without bolding the text, this question takes up 1/4 of a page.

 7. Please refer to page 10 of the Adult and Youth RFP for formatting guidance.

8. Could you clarify the definition of front line staff?

 8. Front line staff are those who interact directly with customers and/or the public.

9. Do you allow Letters of Support from community partners in the proposal submissions?

 9. A Letter of Support from community partners is not a requirement for this proposal

10. How many people do you anticipate a grantee to serve with $25K-$50K award?

10. Performance goals, such as the number of participants served through this award, are determined through contract negotiations.

11. Can a contractor sub-contract with another organization to provide service in some area/county? Is it required that this be a part of the proposal or can these details be worked out after contract award?

11. A contractor may sub-contract with another organization, but it is not required to be included in the proposal; it can be worked out during contract negotiations. Please reference Contract Exhibit A: Terms & Conditions, Paragraph 14: Contracts and Assignments, so they are aware of their contract obligations should they use a subcontractor.

12. Is your building open for FedEx/UPS deliveries on President’s Day, Monday 18, 2019?

12. No

13. Page 9 of 24 indicates that the seven copies should include these Administrative Capacity Documents, but Page 8 of 24 indicates that only one set of Administrative Capacity Documents is required.

Please clarify whether the Administrative Capacity Documents should be included in the seven copies.

13. Provide one copy of the Administrative review documents with the Original copy of your response.

The seven copies of your response do not require the Administrative review documents.

14. Do you want our internal Program staff name, a WWP staff name or another external contact name that can verify the data?

14. The person or entity that can verify the validity of your data will be someone outside your organization. This can be an oversight agency, the organization you contract with to provide services, or the entity that directly grants your funding.