Questions submitted through the online platform will be published as received. WWP will respond from the perspective that questions submitted are referring to the items contained within the scope of the request for proposals document. Questions received after the RFP has been published and before the close of business, Thursday, February 14th at 4:00 will be responded to within three business days by posting the questions and answers here.


1.) Is the Specialized Services Contractor responsible for the case management of enrollees of Title I services, whereby the contractor is utilizing I-Trac, building and managing hard files and conducting eligibility reviews and enrollment into services, or is it that the Specialized Services Contractor acts as a facilitator in the support of enrollment into youth and/or adult/dislocated worker services?


1.) Specialized Services Contractors will have separate duties and responsibilities than those identified in the Adult and Dislocated Worker RFP.  All providers will be required to utilize I-Trac, building and maintaining hard files and conducting eligibility reviews, and enrollment into the specific services they are awarded for.

2.) I’m reviewing the RFP and I’m unable to fill out the budget piece and the narrative. I’ve converted it to a PDF but it’s still not working. Is there another format I can use?

2.) There are no fillable pages in the RFP.  At this time we are not requesting a budget. The “budget” is only part of the Model Contract example in Appendix 1.

3.) Is it acceptable to submit Memorandums of Understanding outlining how a contractor of Specialized Services intends to collaborate with partner organizations?

3.) An MOU is not necessary. A narrative on partner collaboration is sufficient.

4.) Is your building open for FedEx/UPS deliveries on President’s Day, Monday 18, 2019?

4.) No