South Coast Business Employment Corporation

South Coast Business Employment Corporation

South Coast Business Employment Corporation builds capacity and ensures the long-term success of skilled employees, well run businesses, organizations, life enriching senior nutrition and social/health activities and public transportation services on the Southern Oregon Coast.

Community Services Consortium

Community Services Consortium

Our dedicated Housing staff sees individuals and families at their most vulnerable: When they are in danger of losing their homes. We offer assistance to low- or moderate-income renters and homeowners to enable them to stay in their homes or to transition from being a renter to a homeowner.

CSC can assist those who are homeless, at risk of losing their housing, or who have issues with their current housing that could be addressed with weatherization or energy education services. CSC staff are trained to assess each situation and offer appropriate services while treating everyone with respect and caring.

We offer a variety of services to help, and we work closely with committed partners to get the best information available about what programs are there to help individuals and families in our region.

United Way

United Way

At United Way of the Mid-Willamette Valley, we focus on the building blocks of a good life because we all benefit when we each have the education to help us reach our full potential, the income to support a family, and access to healthcare.

It is not enough to feed a hungry family or protect a child from violence; we need to change the conditions that led to hunger and violence in the first place.

We work together with businesses, government, schools, faith groups, the media, individual community members, and nonprofits – because it takes the whole community to get the kind of results we need. We believe in advancing the common good through a strategic focus on the building blocks of a good life – education, financial stability, health, and basic needs.

Chehalem Youth & Family Services

Chehalem Youth & Family Services

Chehalem Youth & Family Services is a non-profit organization serving in Yamhill County and statewide since 1970. CYFS provides a variety of services that aid youth and families. CYFS offers cost-effective services with compassion, hope, and encouragement. Its administrative center is located in Newberg, OR.

The Youth Opportunity Program (YOOP) of CYFS, helps teens and young adults overcome barriers in order to successfully enter the workforce. The Supervised Parenting Program provides a way for non-custodial parents to stay connected to their children. Lucky Finds Thrift Store provides retail training opportunities for youth and older adults, community service opportunities, and affordable clothing and household goods. The Family Advocacy Support Team (FAST Program) integrates services across all CYFS programs with other community service providers to assist families in crisis in navigating complex public and private support systems. The Integrated Service Network (ISN) is a partnership providing individualized support plans to adults with intellectual disabilities allowing them to live independently within their communities

CYFS partners with many local services clubs, non-profit groups, and businesses to make a difference in the lives of children and families. CYFS operates by these important principles: Love, Justice, Truth, Freedom, Faith, and Hope. To connect with CYFS, email [email protected] or call 503-538-4874


Oregon Manufacturing Extention Partnership

Under WIOA, Willamette Workforce Partnership is charged with the competitive selection of a one-stop operator (OSO). The role of the One Stop Operator in the Mid-Valley is to:

  1. Provide an objective assessment of service delivery in the centers, applying a customer service assessment from a lean principles/quality assurance viewpoint. Analyze customer service flow and provide feedback to maximize center
  2. Evaluate the implementation of WorkSource Oregon Standards, adherence to local WorkSource MOUs, and compliance with all local, state and federal policies and
  3. Develop recommendations for continuous improvement by researching and identifying best practices and tools being use in other One Stop
  4. Utilize employer, customer and staff feedback to drive continuous
  5. Create a report which highlights findings and recommendations as set by the local
MV Advancement

MV Advancements

MV Advancements empowers and supports 300 adults who experience disabilities in Yamhill, Marion, and Polk counties to live, work, and thrive.

The Arches Project

The De Muniz Resource Center

The De Muniz Resource Center is a key partner of the Marion County Reentry Initiative.  This program is designed for Marion County residents seeking successful transition from incarceration back into the community.  Programs rely on “evidence-based practices” to chart progress and eventual success of participants.  The De Muniz Resource Center collaborates with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office Parole & Probation and Bridgeway Recovery Services in providing programming for the Jail Reentry Program and the Women’s Alternative Sentencing Program.

The De Muniz Resource Center connects clients to community resources including: employment, education, housing, basic needs, financial literacy, support and advocacy, parenting and cognitive behavioral classes, legal clinic services, substance abuse and mental health treatment, transportation, and many other services.  The De Muniz Resource Center serves both community clients as well as inmates in the Marion County Transition Center.

IS Living

Integrated Supports for Living, Inc.

Integrated Supports for Living, Inc. (IS Living) is a private not for profit organization that provides an array of 24-hour and supported living, employment and social/community inclusion services to under-served elderly adults and individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities mostly in and around Salem, Oregon. IS Living’s mission is to create quality opportunities for seniors and people with disabilities to live and work in a way that maximizes autonomy. Our current focus is to offer affordable housing to elderly adults and people with disabilities, and to assist people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to attain careers and lives of their choosing. It is our goal to be the medium for which our populations can be viewed and accepted as equals by the communities in which they work and/or reside. It is our belief that a life well lived is desired by everyone. Every life is unique to an individual and the path and characteristics of a rich and meaningful life evolve over an individual’s lifetime. Although every individual defines their own unique path, all people desire nurturing relationships, sense of self-empowerment, contentment, optimal health, personal growth, a fulfilling career, rich experiences, financial stability, spiritual insight, and valued roles within their family, neighborhood, and the wider community