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Joe’s Rethinking Success

Joe Clifford is a life-long car salesman, looking for work in the car business. He started the class with a very positive outlook, and was engaged from the beginning. Joe describes his state before he took Rethinking Job Search as a little quick on the draw when it came to emotional reactions. He didn’t feel that he always had control over how he spoke or responded (except, of course, on the sales floor, where he could let anything roll off his back like a pro).

During the workshops, Joe threw himself into the exercises and took them seriously. He said that by the end of the sessions, he had experienced a “total shift” in his mindset and approach to dealing with challenging situations. So amazed is he by his results, he thinks everyone should take Rethinking Job Search – whether they’re looking for a job or not! He said “if this class continued every day for another six weeks AND I had to pay for it, I’d be there in a second.”

One way this “total shift” in thinking was demonstrated when Joe attended an interview for a sales job at a car dealership. The sales manager was extremely confrontational, clearly discriminating on age, and was verbally abusive. Joe was able to maintain his composure, tried to gain common ground with the sales manager, and when he found he could not, calmly ended the meeting.

To his surprise, he was called the next day by the General Manager of the dealership, and was asked to attend a meeting with himself and the owner of the dealership to discuss what had happened. As it would turn out, a receptionist had overheard the interview, and reported it to management.

Joe, understandably, felt very awkward about this. However, he attended the meeting as he had been invited to do, and chose to discard his risky thoughts about it before and during the meeting. He was able to share what had happened from his perspective, and further, advocated for giving the sales manager more training and another chance.

Interestingly, Joe just got a new job. He’s a sales trainer for the very same dealership chain. Coincidence? Perhaps. But certainly his ability to maintain his poise and dignity in an otherwise devastating encounter spoke to his qualifications for the trainer job.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]