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WorkSource Oregon is a network of public and private partners who work together to stimulate job growth by connecting businesses and workers with the resources they need to succeed. The Mid-Valley (MV) Musings newsletter highlights the great work that the WorkSource Oregon Business Services and our partner agencies are conducting in our region to promote business and job seeker engagement. This passionate partner group serves Linn, Marion, Polk, and Yamhill Counties in assisting with business solutions. WorkSource Oregon Mid-Valley Business Services is creating the MV Musings to focus attention on local businesses, people, and workforce events. Our goal is to celebrate the successes of our businesses and partners.

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From Job Seeker to Employer

by Business Specialist, Tom Leggate

In 2017, the Board President for the Historic Carousel and Museum of Albany reached out to me about a recruitment effort for a new Executive Director. As a result of years of networking and outreach in the community, I immediately had several candidates in mind, one in particular. After referring three potential candidates to the board, a decision was made to hire Peggy Burris for this important community position. I first met Peggy while she was working for another non-profit organization in town and I knew from previous conversations that she was looking for a change.

After starting at the Historic Carousel and Museum as the Executive Director, Peggy realized she had several other positions that she needed to fill to complete her team. Peggy’s experience with WorkSource to gain employment led her to reach out and use our services again, this time as a hiring manager for a Marketing Specialist position. We were able to supply Peggy with a candidate who proved to be a great fit for the organization.

Peggy’s experience highlights the work of the Mid-Valley Business Services team. We are able to save businesses and organizations time and money filling their openings. We do this by outreach, networking, building relationships in the community, performing site visits, and truly understanding the culture of the employers we work with to find applicants who may be the right fit.

Introducing the WorkSource Oregon Business Specialist Team:

The Oregon Employment Department, together with partners like Willamette Workforce Partnership, South Coast Business Employment Corporation, Community Services Consortium, Veterans Services, and more, assist local employers to grow successful employer-employee relationships, improve workplace culture, shape hiring practices, and increase business recruitment and retention. Together, the partnership represents WorkSource Oregon Mid-Valley Business Services.

We’d like to introduce you to our dynamic team of Business Specialists!

(from left to right)

Cindy Hammond

I’m Cindy Hammond, with WorkSource Oregon, your no cost employment resource. Providing services to people looking for work and employers looking for staff. I’ve been with WorkSource Oregon for 1 ½ years and with the agency for over 4 years. I am a proud chicken parent, with a flock of 8 hens and a rooster named Elvis. As a former business owner, I can relate to the challenges employers face. I love being able to help them with recruitment and connect them to resources that will help them overcome their challenges and grow their business.


Jeff Long

I’m Jeff Long. During my 22 years with WorkSource, I’ve enjoyed helping businesses connect to the services they need and helping job seekers find the jobs they want. When I’m not out building relationships with local businesses and connecting job seekers with job opportunities, I spend my time fishing, coaching, and playing with my grandkids.


Tom Leggate

I’m Tom Leggate, I’ve been working in Business Services since 2017. The best part about my job is the possibility daily of being a positive in someone’s life, helping them to get where they want to be. When I’m not working, I love to cook, play golf and collect records.


Marine Vion

Bonjour! I am Marine Vion and I have been with WorkSource since December 2015. Fun fact about me is that I am from Belgium and French is my first language. There are a lot of things that I love about my job but nothing beats the success stories that our team shares. Not only is it very rewarding to help employers fill their position but also to hear about job seekers and their career path. We truly can change someone’s life at WorkSource Oregon and it’s magical to be part of that.


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